Changing the world, always needs volunteers. Our motto here at Connecting Worlds Latin America, highlights the core values we stand by and guides us in all the decisions we make — decisions which affect the volunteer programs we organise, the working abroad opportunities we arrange, and the local communities which benefit most from the support we provide. If you want to make a difference in Latin America and you want to return home having learned a new skill or with valuable experience to add to your curriculum, Connecting Worlds Latin America is the perfect team of experts to guide you along the way.


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of international exchange companies like ours which offer opportunities to work in Latin America, to volunteer on projects in Latin American countries, or to undertake internships in Latin American countries. However, we’re a small, dedicated team and we offer a personalised service. To us, you’re not just another number. What’s more, there are very few companies that can beat us on costs and very few companies which work directly with the local communities. Connecting Worlds Latin America works directly with local farmers, school professors, NGO directors and independent producers of various local products to ensure that the money you invest is shared directly with the people on the ground who make your experience the unforgettable time of your life that it should be.